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   Pastor Craig Bode and Mary Bode 


We have been greatly blessed at Trinity and we would love to share those blessings with you. Through the Good News of Jesus Christ and by His Holy Spirit we have been gathered together here and woven into a family of believers; sinners forgiven by our God, mortals promised eternal life, and brothers and sisters supporting and caring for each other and for our community.

 We hope that you find something of value on this site, and invite you to join us for worship, fellowship and service.




                     Get to Know Trinity's Pastor....

Rev. Craig H. Bode, was called to serve Trinity as Pastor in October of this year, after serving for 31 years as Pastor of Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Euclid, Ohio, on the outskirts of Cleveland. He attended the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, where he graduated in May 1976, receiving a B. S. degree in Psychology. On May 23, 1980 he graduated from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana with a Master of Divinity degree, honored for academic excellence in the area of Biblical Studies. After his graduation from seminary, Pastor Bode was ordained to the Office of the Holy Ministry on July 6, 1980 at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Cary Illinois, where he was a lifetime member. On May 28, 1977, he was married to Mary Hunter of Esmond, Illinois. She also attended the University of Illinois, receiving a B. A. degree in Psychology and Child Development.

 The Bodes enjoy immensely the family God has given them including a daughter, Emily Hayes who lives in Jensen Beach with her husband, Petri, daughter Sara DeBord who lives in Lakewood, Ohio with her husband Adam and a son Paul who lives in Canton, Michigan. They have also welcomed into their family two step grandchildren, Kai and Kiira and are anticipating the birth of two grandchildren in January and April of next year.


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Trinity Lutheran Church is a Mission Outpost committed to spreading and sharing the Love of Christ to all people by word and deed.

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